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In order to maintain the site’s integrity, there are some basic rules to follow.
If you are a user of this site:
1) Please register on our web site if you have serious intentions and are interested in searching for the life-partner;
2) While you are registering on our web site please provide us with the true information and try to show your best points to have more chances;
3) While registering on our web site please point out a few e-mails we can contact with you in case of some technical problems;
4) If you have any questions please go to “CONTACTS US” and get in touch with us, we shall do our best to help you;
5) Please try to read news to be in the course of the events which are going on our web site;
6) If you have any suggestions about our site please feel free to mail to us we are always glad at any advice.
If you are an agency or other business owner:
1) All above rules apply to you as a user!
2) Do not post your URL or agency name in your signature line;
3) Do not post advertisements;
4) Do not ‘poach’ email addresses. It is against the rules of the site to send SPAM messages to our members;
5) Do not use the board as a vehicle to promote your business or attack other businesses which you compete against.
*We have a ‘one-strike’ policy for site usage. If any of the above are ignored, our moderators will take immediate action to delete the posts and the administrators will be informed immediately, which will result in your account being evaluated/deleted, your post(s) being deleted and a ban may be placed on your IP and email account so that you will never be able to log on to the board again. So if you like the site and consider it a valuable resource, please don’t abuse the rules. We take this very serious and do all that we can to ensure the board is a safe, effective and powerful communication tool that serves the purpose of the site and the members who use it.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we shall do our best to help you.