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  How to select good photo to make good international acquaintance?
13 Feb 2009 
It’s not a secret to anyone, that dating sites have solidly and permanently entered our everyday life. Though for many people dating sites are the last chance to meet love, find strong international meetings, communicate with interesting people! As dating sited are not really so bad!

But for attracting this or that person you need to have beautiful photos in your profile. Unfortunately, many people, using such resources, can’t understand this and put on site not their personal photos, but some wallpapers and pictures of some celebrities. Such kind of people don’t really need for international meetings, they just want to get an access to base of the site thereby bothering those people who really need this!
We need to tell you at once, that all profiles, using wallpapers instead of photos or without any photo will be removed! Besides, many people, who use our site and wish to get good international meetings, often ignore profiles without a photo! And it’s clear, as while communicating with person it’s very important to know how the person looks like!
If you decided to register on free dating site to get international meetings and download your photo.(??????) Many people has question at this stage – what kind of photo should I place on dating site? The first priority in choosing this or that photo is a reality.
That means the most important point is that the photo should be real, but not edited with some graphic editor! You shouldn’t put on dating site for main picture a picture where you for example are standing far away with sightseeing on background or too blurred/ low-quality photos. No one can see you on these photos.
While choosing main photo, try to look at your photos like with other person’s eyes who have never seen it before. A person, who visits your page, should see your face on photo. Eventually how he would recognize you while meeting if your communication would go that far?

So you need to take the choice of photo very seriously and responsibly! Especially if you register on free dating site, as, having realized, that the meetings are free of charge, foreigners almost always register on these sites and looking for their bride exactly on these resources!

We kindly wish you to make successful international meetings and find your “second half”!