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  Acquaintance with foreigners: general information, motives, advices
17 Feb 2009 
So, let’s suppose, that you decided to address such organization like introduction service or Bride agency! In present time it is no wonder and shameful in it – today lots of Russian girls wants to make foreign acquaintances with well-provided foreign men, and contract a marriage with this man in future. What exactly stimulate our girls to make some foreign acquaintances; don’t our men so bad for them?
Not at all! Many Russian women are completely satisfied with Russian men; they build strong families, they bear children and so on. But some women are reaching for foreigners, and there are some reasons for that.
Many of those women don’t really care what nationality their future husband will have – they are looking for really “their” person, who would understand and support them completely in everything! For them to settle down in foreign country as soon as possible is not the main target; such kind of women are ready to make acquaintance both with our men and foreigners. In fact, these women are very very persistent in selection of their future husband – they use all opportunities, all resources available. Free introduction (dating) service – it is just one of that resources, that women of this type are actively implement in searching of “second half”; they apply to paid bride agencies, register in many dating sites and so on. Frequently in some time these kind of woman successfully go marry at last. Why successfully? Because this woman will decide to go marry only when her chosen one would meet all her case! If you have found in those women traits you have, then our introduction (dating) service is on your disposal; we will be able to select exactly your ‘half” for you!

Other women, using such resources like introduction (dating) service, bride agency or dating sites, make foreign acquaintances by reason of unsuccessful experience with Russian men. The majority of them even have kids. They explain their interest to foreign man by that there is better treatment for kids unlike our country. And besides many foreign men follow their health, they have few pernicious habits and so on – all this can’t but attract our women!
But those women, actively looking for foreign acquaintances for building a family should keep in mind, that man (no matter of what nationality), first of all wish to build a family exactly with woman! Unfortunately for the majority of men, including foreign, the fact that his chosen one has children may become serious obstacle on the way to building a family with this woman. Thereby we may recommend that during first meeting you shouldn’t tell to man that you have a child. Of course till the moment he would ask about it by himself! If this happen you’d better not to lie and inform him about it! For the beginning it is necessary to know a man, his habits, hobbies, work, may be earnings. And if you will realize that for you it is good to be with him, then you may tell him about your child (children). Our introduction (dating) service will help you to find such foreign man, who wouldn’t be scared away about your kids and even be attracted!
For the other, third type of women we are talking about here, introduction (dating) service – is a perfect opportunity for profitable moving to other more developed western country. Such kinds of girls wish to have foreign acquaintances not for building some family or contract a marriage, but for fixing in this country, have good job there and consequently, meaningful relationships and so on… Generally such kind of women is real careerists that, as our many-years-old experience shows, often face complete collapse and failure! Usually our women, looking for their future husband and addressing such organizations like introduction (dating) service, bride agency or registering in one of numerous dating sites in Internet, take the choice of their future husband/boyfriend very seriously and thoroughly. Careerists are don’t really care, what habits or job this or that man has, what was his past, is he healthy or not? The main thing for them while choosing a man is that he is living in developed country. Well, as we mentioned above, exactly these girls happen to have some problems and troubles abroad! Frequently these women are connecting their life with drug addicted person or just abnormal men, and they can gain no career in this country! We can advice you to listen your heart, not losing head in this way. Many times think before going to your new foreign familiar! Our introduction (dating) service may preserve you at most from communication with some criminals, scams or just insane people!

Many women want to make foreign acquaintances after hard divorce or parting. Some girls use such modern formation as introduction (dating) service after cutting up by the death of their husband. For them introduction (dating) service or dating agency is one of few places, where she can really find that man who could love her again, support in difficult life situation. With the lapse of time that women understand that past relationships are already in past, and one need to live by present and think about future! Of course, women of that category don’t really care about the country their future familiar is living; it is important for them to find really understandable person! Our introduction (dating) service has very large database about different “grooms”. We may find exactly that person for you that you need for!
And the last type of girls may be characterized as the following – such girls don’t attract our men’ attention no matter wherefore. But they think for some reason that men abroad are different, and if they make many foreign acquaintances, so there these girls will obligatory make successful marriage. So that’s their right! But in this way you should mind that man remains a man even in Africa! Foreign fianc?es are looking exactly those women for them on such resources as introduction (dating) service, dating agency or dating site, who could really understand him and support in difficult minute! If you had never had serious relationships, so you’d better look for reasons not in men, and first of all in YOU! Take good care of you, think about your appearance, how you communicate with men, what character you have and so on. If you will be able to find that trait in you, that was repulsing men from you, you would be quite unnecessary to address dating agency in the nearest future!

Our dating site with foreigners – perfect chance to make good acquaintances with men!

Before trying to make numerous foreign acquaintances, you need to mind that the main thing in relationships between people is the respect. If you will not respect your partner, unfortunately, no dating site with foreigners will help you!
Please, mind, that while communication in Internet it is impossible to conceal that you treat your interlocutor improperly with disrespect! It is one of the first rules you need to remember for making good foreign acquaintances with men!
Today on many network resources like dating site, dating site with foreigners or Russian, there are complete tool of different technical means applied for any user to have an opportunity to find his “second half”! It is worth mentioning that dating site with foreigners is one of the most complicated types of sites, both from technical and functional side. But on one of the best sites (and obviously we may refer our site to this kind) every visitor may find exactly that person he was looking for all his life!
It is really so! Honestly and sincerely filling all the profiles on our site, you would have a brilliant opportunity to make foreign acquaintances with the man of your dream! You may be sure that your profile would be responded exactly by that man you need!

Besides profiles and searching requests our site of acquaintance with foreigners has psychometrical test at its disposal, and from its results you may understand what you exactly want, does this or that man match you and so on. For registering on our site in full form it is necessary to point some personal data – surname, name and patronymic, date of birth, place of living and so on, and also honestly fill the profile and pass that psychometric test.

After you would successfully register on the site, our searching mechanism processes all recent requests for foreign acquaintances and sifts out all requests, not matching some of the points of your profile and results of the test you have passed. Only that requests maximum matching all of your demands would remain in the end. And you get it! If there are too many appropriate candidates for you, our server will arrange repeated check and after it you will choose among 20 candidates, maximum corresponding and match to you. As you can see, our site AUTOMATICALLY sifts out candidates, inappropriate to you thereby economizing your precious time!

After the check was done, and the system was determined all appropriate men for you, for making real good foreign relationships, you also need to work a bit!

If it really matter to you, then look through the profiles of these users, check their photos, read about them, write message to them. While registering in our site, besides filling a profile, passing the test and offering a photo, it is also necessary to write some little story about you, your character and habits, about specialty and work and so on. According to this story you may understand this or that man. And he may do the same conclusion concerning your story! And because of this it is necessary to take the writing of this short story very seriously and responsibly!

In conclusion, for having perspective foreign acquaintances we may recommend you to share as much beautiful pictures as possible, as men, we know, firstly pay attention to the appearance of his potential bride! Please be sensible while choosing photos which you want to post on site of acquaintance with foreigners!

Address, register, and communicate! Remember that there is no more horrible thing than loneliness!

Who knows, may be our site is your destiny and you will be able to meet really good person with the help of it!

How to select good photo to make good international acquaintance?

It’s not a secret to anyone, that dating sites solidly and permanently entered our everyday life. Though for many people dating sites is the last chance to meet love, find strong international meetings, and communicate with interesting people! As dating sited are not really so bad!

But for attracting this or that person you need to have beautiful photos in your profile. Unfortunately, many people, using such resources, can’t understand this and put on site not their personal photos, but some wallpapers and pictures of some celebrities. Such kind of people don’t really need for international meetings, they just want to get an access to base of the site thereby bothering those people who really need this!
We need to tell you at once, that all profiles, using wallpapers instead of photos or without any photo will be removed! Besides, many people, who use our site and wish to get good international meetings, often ignore profiles without a photo! And it’s clear, as while communicating with person it’s very important to know how the person looks like!
If you decided to register on free dating site to get international meetings and download your photo. Many people has question at this stage – what kind of photo should I place on dating site? The first priority in choosing this or that photo is a reality.
That means the most important point is that the photo should be real, but not edited with some graphic editor! You shouldn’t put a picture on dating site a picture as main one; for example where you are standing far away with sightseeing on background or too blurred/ low-quality photos. No one can see you on these photos.
While choosing main photo, try to look at your photos like with other person’s eyes who have never seen it before. A person, who entered your page, should see your face on photo. Eventually how he would recognize you while meeting if your communication would go that far?

So you need to take the choice of photo very seriously and responsibly! Especially if you register on free dating site, as, having realized, that the meetings are free of charge, foreigners almost always register on these sites and looking for their bride exactly on these resources!

We kindly wish you to make successful international meetings and find your “second half”!