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  Why international acquaintances are so popular?
24 Feb 2009 
So, let’s suppose, that you decided to address such organization like introduction service or Bride agency! In present time it is no wonder and shameful in it – today lots of Russian girls wants to make foreign acquaintances with well-provided foreign men, and contract a marriage with this man in future. What exactly stimulate our girls to make some foreign acquaintances; don’t our men so bad for them?

Not at all! Many Russian women are completely satisfied with Russian men; they build strong families, they bear children and so on. But some women are reaching for foreigners, and there are some reasons for that.

Many of those women don’t really care what nationality their future husband will have – they are looking for really “their” person, who would understand and support them completely in everything!

Free introduction (dating) service – it is just one of that resources, that women of this type are actively implement in searching of “second half”; they apply to paid bride agencies, register in many dating sites and so on. Frequently in some time these kind of woman looking for a partner as a foreigner, successfully go marry at last. Why successfully? Because this woman is lucky one to find her chosen one in dating site who would meet all her case!
If you have found in those women traits you have, then our introduction (dating) service is on your disposal; we will be able to select exactly your ‘half” for you!

The second point, why Russian women make foreign acquaintances such resources like introduction (dating) service, bride agency or dating sites, make foreign acquaintances by reason of unsuccessful experience in relationships with Russian men. Moreover, the majority of them even have kids.
They explain their interest to foreign man by that there is better treatment for kids abroad. And besides many foreign men follow their health, they have few pernicious habits and so on – all this can’t but attract our women!
But those women, actively looking for foreign acquaintances for building a family should keep in mind, that man (no matter of what nationality), first of all wish to build a family exactly with woman! Unfortunately for the majority of men, including foreign one, the fact that his chosen one has children, may become serious obstacle on the way to building a family with this woman. Thereby we recommend you to tell to man immediately that you have a child, thereby avoiding misunderstanding and claim of lie. If you want sincere relationships, so be sincere yourself.
Our introduction (dating) service will help you to find such foreign man, who wouldn’t be scared away about your kids and even be attracted!

Thirdly, introduction (dating) service gives is so popular, that it gives to women an opportunity to move to more developed western country. Women, making foreign acquaintances only with this purpose, don’t really care about family as it is. They need to fix in the country, have good job and earnings, and meaningful relationships. Usually such kind of women address such organizations like introduction (dating) service, bride agency or registering in one of numerous dating sites in Internet in order to find rich foreigner. They are practically don’t care, what habits or job this or that man has, what was his past, is he healthy or not? The main thing for them while choosing a man is that he is living in developed country and he has money. Frequently these women are connecting their life with drug addicted person or just abnormal men, and they can gain no career in this country!
But, dear women, initially we built family for happiness, and the attempt to marry foreigner only for citizenship replacement may lead to unpredictable and sad consequences. Trust to your intuition and never build a family basing on mercenary interests. Our introduction (dating) service, in our turn, may preserve you at most from communication with some criminals and scams!

Many women want to make foreign acquaintances after hard divorce or parting. Some girls use such modern formation as introduction (dating) service after cutting up by the death of their husband. For them introduction (dating) service or dating agency is one of few places, where she can really find that man who could love her and support in difficult life situation.
With the lapse of time that women understand that past relationships are already in past, and one need to live by present and think about future! Of course, women of that category don’t really care about the country their future familiar is living; it is important for them to find really understandable person! Our introduction (dating) service has very large database about different “grooms” from Europe. We may find exactly that person for you that you need for!