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  Is there LOVE in Internet, or dating site – operating manual…
06 Mar 2009 
Have you ever thought about if it is possible to meet your love in Internet? And generally does it exist in Global Internet space?
One may reply to these or similar questions POSITIVELY, as everything is possible in our world, including virtual love, slowly coming to happy family! As the dating site is just almost last chance for most people to meet their love! And for the most young girls it is perfect opportunity to gain promising foreign acquaintances. As to make serious relationships, foreigners use dating sites precisely!

In present day there are lots of such resources on Russian land like dating site or social net. Besides, moreover meetings with foreigners, such resources offer additional services like translations, photography etc. People have already stopped registering on social Internet portals like dating sites just for joke; the overwhelming majorities of users of similar resources really have serious relationships and dream to find their love exactly here. Yes, of course, dating sites are in “disposal” of such visitors, looking for not only love but pleasant communication with new like-minded persons and friends.

But there are one popular opinion in the society, that dating site can’t bring people together who are really in love; dating site – is just an entertainment or even some fake! All these statements are completely WRONG! Of course, dating site has some disadvantages, but they CONSIDERABLY lose in quantity before advantages of those resources like bride agencies of dating services.

One of the main advantages of these resources like dating site is that they are absolutely anonymous and confidential. Any correspondence, any acquaintance in Internet may be stopped at any time, isn’t it? To stop replying messages, remove it into black list and so on… Thus you choose with whom to communicate and should you meet with him or not!
Remember, no one can really force you to meet with some person in real life! Concerning this we may advice you to communicate with a person for a while, know him, his habits, hobbies, work, earning and so on, and after that make an appointment! And now think if you have met not in Internet, but on the street, what personal information would you give and what info would you demand from your potential partner? Right, phone number! But you shouldn’t point this on dating site! Besides dating site is a completely free network resource that may be used by any person having an access to Internet.

We have mentioned only one advantage of dating sites. But really there are lots of them! So it wouldn’t cost you anything? Register on one of them, who knows, may be you will find your LOVE there?!