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  Is it real to have close international acquaintances?
10 Apr 2009 
Have you ever thought about the question; is it real to have close international acquaintances? With the appearance of great amount of dating sites, we suppose, that to make good international acquaintances with foreign man is absolutely real. If you really want it, then we advice you to register on our dating site and wait for first messages. As to get acquaintances, foreigners are often addressing exactly to these kinds of resources.
So, what kind of foreign men it is possible to meet on international dating sites? Really, you may face different types of men here! According to the behavior we divided them into 4 general classes:

1. Funny foreigner. The characteristic features are the following: men of this type usually have photos done by non-professionals. It is blurred, unsharp and so on. There may be some funny things, animal or gesture on those men’ pictures. If there is a man itself pictured on photo, so most likely he will look relaxed and not exactly neat! Rather often funny men have fat constitution. Concerning their profiles, it is filled not so honestly and sincerely as it wish to be; they even ignore most of the questions. They don’t often write about their hobby or job in profile, but only describe great amount of funny cases in their life in special manner peculiar to them. According to their stem, such type of men is rather good, but in the same time they don’t stand tough and hypocritical women! Such kind of men don’t have high earnings according to their origin, but life in developed country with the money, earned by them, is quite possible!
2. Successful foreigner. These men are very boastful, but at the same time very self-confident. You may see them against the background of the mansion, expensive car or yacht and so on. They take filling of the profile very seriously; they often just enumerate all their merits and progress, earning rate, the prestigiousness of education. Such men are very pedantic; they may examine profile and photos of their potential girlfriend really for hours. They are very energetic and active, have athletic body. Such men work hard; otherwise they wouldn’t gain such achievements in life. The majority of these men have tough character, but at the same time they are very generous and magnanimous to their beloved woman. During the acquaintance with this man take into consideration, that, likely you are not only one girl he is talking to, so be ready to pass “mini-casting” for his heart!
3. Conservative foreigner. As you have already understood from the title – it’s very conservative and pedantic men in everything at that: in photos, in profile and in life. The pictures of these men may often be compared with those using in documents. No unusual backgrounds, gestures etc., everything is precise, exact and in suit!
They take the filling of profiles very seriously, and will ignore those women, which profiles will be filled “not according to the rules”!
They also take the building of the family serious as well. Such men are very secure and faithful to their woman and will not stand a betrayal from her; they are also very punctual and well-organized. Earnings are often not so high, but stable, and it will be enough for good life!

4. Creative foreigner. Absolutely atypical and extraordinary men. One should look for some hidden sense in pictures, and, for sure, they are trying to put it there. Unlike all other previous types of men, creative men may easily change their mode of dress or hair, and some of them are ready to make some crazy steps. They do often fill the profile not completely, ignoring all questions, connecting with tests, including psychological ones. Why? Because this type of men is so unpredictable than if he would pass the test once, he had one result, but if he repeats it the result would differ from previous one! Again they don’t pay much attention to girl’s profiles, being more attracted by their pictures. Such men may work not obligatory in creative sphere, but they would display themselves as a creative people in it. They may earn much, but the overwhelming majority of them don’t rush for big money. In relationships with women first of all such men value the admiration of themselves. Yes, the more you will praise and admire them, the more he will love you!

So here they are, foreign men! Keep these descriptions in mind, and it will not take you very hard to make strong international acquaintances!

Good luck!