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  Dating site – how to fill the profile correctly?
08 Apr 2009 
How one should properly fill the registration profile on such popular network resource as dating site in order to get good international acquaintances? Lots of visitors are worried about this question, while entering dating site, as the profile is one of the most important component of any profile on this site. Actually, first of all other users will judge you by these profiles. That’s why in order to make close international acquaintances with men, please, take the filling of profiles very seriously and with all responsibility!

Some users, entering dating site, register on it in a hurry, put some picture with necessary format as a photo and just looking through profiles of other users, who probably really wants to get good international acquaintances. Users, who doesn’t provide much information about themselves, put some picture as a main photo; moderators of such network resources like dating site, erase such profiles from base immediately, and some of them, more persistent have the entry shut for some time! But our dating site don’t have such users in its database for a long time, but if there are some of them appearing, it is erased immediately, for them not to lose your precious time!

But in spite of existing opinion in society, in order to find good international acquaintances, it is not really enough to put your real picture where you look great! For this it is necessary to fill the profile in correct way. Remember, that on such electronic resources like dating site, users firstly pay special attention exactly to the completeness of your profile! If you feel, you haven’t filled your profile on site enough good, you need to correct it as fast as possible, or you risk to find not good person, who may become a good partner to you, but some scam instead!

But let’s return to the photos…
We advice to download at least the following pictures on our dating site:

1. Portrait. This kind of photo, first of all must show your face. You may correct it SLIGHTLY in graphical editors. Unfamiliar person must “identify” you according to this photo during the meeting, if your correspondence will reach him!
2. General picture. Your figure must be vividly seen on this kind of picture; it may attract your foreign bachelor. Here you also shouldn’t abuse with graphical editors!
3. Pictures from your life. It is third type of photos, but not obligatory one. Here it is all up to you! You may place your picture with friends, with your child (if you have one), with your colleagues, domestic animals etc. Just keep in mind, that you should be clearly seen on this picture.

Let’s suppose, you have done all the photos, placed it, and now it is high time to fill some of profile’s fields. It is height, weight and other anthropometric information of your future partner.

After you have given all desirable anthropometric information to our system, write a bit about you in your profile: your hobby, may be about your job or family. Also our dating site provides the description of all qualities of desirable partner. Besides, you may write what you are looking for our dating site with foreigners. In this little, but at the same time determining item you must point out clearly all the causes, aims and plans concerning future international acquaintance. Especially it should be pointed out if you are looking for simple and funny communication on this dating site, but not your LOVE!

And in conclusion, we would like to tell you that our dating site, besides main profile, provides an opportunity for interview that should determine what person you really need!

We wish you pleasant communication and successful acquaintances!